Suan Dusit University was established as the first official school of family and consumer science in Thailand. It was given the name ��Home Science Secondary School�� and put under the authority of the Vocational School Division in the Academic Department of the Ministry of Education. The school was established on May 17, 1934 at the palace of Krom Luang Choomponketudomsak (presently the Phra Nakorn campus of Rajamangala Institute of Technology). The aim of the school was to offer a 4-year-program in family and consumer science to women. Training courses for family and consumer science teachers were also offered in order to equip those who wished to become a teacher with the appropriate skills.

        In 1937, the school moved to Chankasem Palace (presently the office of the Ministry of Education). The name of the school was then changed to ��Chankasem Palace Home Science School�� but was still run under the Vocational Schools division. The school added a 3-year secondary program in addition to the 4-year tertiary program.

        In 1941, the school moved to Suan Sunandha, its current location. The name of the school changed again to ��Phra Nakorn Home Science School��. It was then put under the authority of the Teacher Training Division of the General Education Department, Ministry of Education. During the same time period, the Ministry of Education set up La-or Utis Kindergarten located on the same campus. The kindergarten was run under the same division, however the administrations were run separately.

        In 1954 the Act of Administrative Improvement of the Ministry and Departments passed. This act allowed the Ministry of Education to establish the Teacher Training Department. The aim of this department was to bring all teacher-training divisions together in order to develop teacher qualifications. Phra Nakorn Home Science School was run under the Teacher Training Department starting in 1955 and the teacher training division of La-or Utis Kindergarten was transferred to Phra Nakorn Home Science School. Due to the focus on teacher training, in 1961 the school changed its name to ��Suan Dusit Teacher��s College�� and was run under the Teacher Training Division, Department of Teacher Training.

        Under the 1995 Act of Rajabhat Institutes, ��Suan Dusit Teacher��s College�� changed its name to ��Suan Dusit Rajabhat Institute��. The school was expanded and offered undergraduate and graduate programs in arts and sciences. Learning centers were also established in and around Bangkok as well as in the provinces.

        In 2004 the institute became a university and the name changed to ��Suan Dusit Rajabhat University��. The school transferred its authority to the Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education. The university��s strategic plan was formed which focuses on 4 faculties; Elementary Education, Food Industry, Service Industry, and Nursing.

        In 2015, the Suan Dusit University Act allowed the school to drop its Rajabhat association and become strictly ��Suan Dusit University.�� It is currently run under the Ministry of Education. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej signed his name to approve the act on July 16, 2015. This date is accepted by the university council as the establishment day of the university.




Suan Dusit Rice Mill is situated in Prachinburi Province. The mill serves to produce an extensive amount of organic rice grown in Suan Dusit University rice fields for commercial sale across Thailand.


Raktakanishta Hall is the multi purpose conference venue used to accommodate various functions hosted by Suan Dusit University.


Suphanburi Campus is a subsidiary campus of Suan Dusit University. The Suphanbury Campus provides education in culinary arts,primary education,and computer business; more areas of study will be available in the future.

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